About Us

Diamond Services Ltd. was established in 2012 in Hong Kong.
Diamond Services  providing B2B services in HONG KONG diamond industry.
The company advantage is lab grown diamonds disclosure in mounted jewelry and loose,by the company unique technology founded in our research development.
In the order to maintain fair and genuine trade in diamonds industry.

  • Joseph Kuzi

    Founder & Managing Director

    joseph kuzi

    Recognized in the diamond industry for his innovative and entrepreneurial skills, over a period of 20 years Joseph Kuzi has amassed a wealth of experience in many countries around the world. In 1994, Joseph started his career in the diamond business, becoming the partner and managing director of Israel-based UBEX Ltd. Mr. Kuzi, along with his company received the “Outstanding Exporter 1998 Award from Israel’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, the most prestigious award given out to members of the industry in one of the world’s leading diamond centers.

    In 2000, Mr. Kuzi founded KUZI Ltd., a company dedicated to developing new diamonds, with offices in NY, HK and Tel Aviv. After selling the operation in April 2003, Mr. Kuzi completed the AMP program at Harvard Business School after which, he has served as a private consultant to diamond-related companies.