Diamatest and Beyound

Diamond Services, the world leading service provider in detection of Lab Grown diamonds is happy to advise its opening of its two India offices based at seepz-sez and BDB, Mumbai.

Diamond Services, was established in Hong Kong several years ago with the express purpose of developing systems for the screening and detection of diamonds that are laboratory grown and/or HPHT color treated. We were committed to developing a series of devices, which we did, and in fact were recognized for our efforts by winning a JNA Award.

But quite early on, we came to understand that it would take more than one machine, as good as it is, to unfailingly identify all lab-grown diamonds in a parcel of loose stones, let alone stones that are already set in jewelry. We realized that the market is looking for a system that will provide a yes/no answer in seconds, but as we did our research we came to appreciate that no single desk-top device eliminated the potential for a false- positive, and, even worse, false-negative result.

With that said, we greatly admire the efforts of all those who committed to develop screening devices, and we closely monitor the market. Some are better than others but neither can still claim to be the Holy Grail.

Already during the initial stages of our research project, a scientist that we employ advised us that the only way to reliably detect lab-grown diamonds, regardless of size, shape, loose or mounted status, requires developing machines and processes that enable the entire testing procedure to be undertaken in a Liquid Nitrogen atmosphere. In this respect, just recently we released a lab alert that warned the trade that the phosphoresce effect, which is the single marker of a potentially LG diamond for many of the less sophisticated screening devices that working at room temperatures, is masked when a lab-grown diamonds is irradiated prior to testing.

It was for this reason that we decided to shift our first business model, which involved selling the devices that we developed, to a service-based model. We continue to use systems that we have developed ourselves, certain of which enable us to test large volumes of loose and mounted diamonds, coming up with definite finding in a short amount of time. But we look at multiple markers, so as to eliminate the potential of false- positive and false-negative results.
We are committed to keep our technology up-to-date to enable us to keep provide guaranteed results to our customers and being elected as service provider in this field to some of the world largest retailors speaks for itself.